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We find the soul in the science, the humanity in the data, harnessing the power of creativity to deliver communications capable of changing lives

Healthcare strategy and consultancy

Solid science alone isn’t enough to make your materials resonate. Here at Spirit, we apply a combination of finely honed skills to deliver communication plans that are strategically sharp and guarantee impact, differentiating your product or portfolio across its lifecycle. From landscaping, target product profiling, communication and brand planning, and value propositions, through to maximising External Expert engagements, we have the right team for your needs.

Publication planning and medical writing

You have data. We are data experts. A match made in heaven! Our writing teams are proficient at interpreting and disseminating powerful scientific data, making it accessible and ensuring its impact. With our extensive knowledge and experience of publication activities, you can trust us to develop, deliver and implement publication plans that truly cut through the noise.

In-person and virtual meetings

We know that every meeting (whether in-person or virtual) is unique and represents a crucial opportunity to engage with audiences and achieve desired outcomes. At Spirit, we blend creativity and meticulous planning to craft and deliver a premium experience, tailored to your needs. We ensure your meetings are memorable for the right reasons, employing bespoke technology solutions to enhance engagement, seamlessly connecting people in multiple locations to maximise the impact of your content.

Medical education

Meeting audience needs is the raison d’être of effective communications. So that’s where we start when devising internal and external medical education initiatives. Our understanding of your target audiences is critical, allowing us to select the most innovative, accessible and appropriate formats and maximise impact with the people who matter most. By optimising channel, language and method of delivery, we broaden your reach, ensure information retention, and deliver on the agreed educational objectives, providing a memorable experience.

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