Meet our film geeks and fitness freaks, our gamers and bakers, movers and shakers

Andy Beksa
Senior Designer

Over the years, Andy has brought to life many challenging creative briefs, helping to bring clarity to complexity and jazzing things up where necessary. To help him relax from his design tribulations, he tends to a flock of hens, bakes cakes from their eggs, and then listens to increasingly obscure genres of music.

Andy Bond
Senior Scientific Director

While sometimes elusive and rarely spotted in one place for too long, long-standing team member Andy offers two decades of experience across a diverse array of projects and therapeutic areas. When not trying to avoid coming in to the office, he might be located crate-digging for obscure vinyl or looking after the family axolotl.

Asif Zaman

Asif’s unwavering dedication to Spirit is driven by the same passion for trailblazing client service that first inspired his founding of the company and is topped up daily by the equally enthusiastic team he has built. Obsessed with all things Liverpool Football Club, he unfortunately finds himself frequently outnumbered and outbantered in our Manchester HQ.

Aven Bang
Associate Medical Editor

An expert Googler of UK vs US spelling, Aven uses her editing talents to make sure your commas are in the right places and your thoughts stay on track. A creative, flightless bird from New Zealand, in her spare time Aven defies the laws of gravity, spreading her wings to navigate the globe, getting into strange situations and meeting even stranger people.

Becky Cox
Operations Assistant

Becky’s role involves her in many aspects of Spirit life, from HR to social media management to event planning. A self-professed ‘word-slinger’, when Becky’s not honing her wordsmith talents through sarcastic emails or spitting bars to The Sugarhill Gang, she can be found hanging from the ceiling practising pole fitness and aerial arts.

Ben Caldwell
Senior Scientific Director

Ben has a passion for learning about new developments in oncology and infectious diseases, often resulting in him having at least 28 different tabs open simultaneously in Chrome. When not reading about science, Ben generally has his ears wrapped around an audiobook or his hands on a piano keyboard murdering a Beatles tune.

Caroline Heard
Senior Account Manager

Caroline puts her juggling skills to good use to manage and deliver a variety of projects across multiple therapy areas. She went to Glastonbury Festival the year it didn’t stop raining, climbed the Great Wall of China when it was foggy, and met Peter Schmeichel before he became a United legend (she didn’t think she was unlucky until writing this bio!).

Caroline McGown
Scientific Director

Caroline has worked on a variety of accounts at Spirit and particularly enjoys onsite conference reporting. Outside of work, she is happiest getting muddy in military-style fitness bootcamps, or letting her competitive side show on the badminton court.

Cathy Baker
Head, Medical & Scientific Services

Cathy is losing count of the clients and therapy areas she’s worked across during her 20 years in pharma and med comms, but without question her favourite part is nurturing the talents of her team. When she’s not doing that, she’s usually watching pretty much any sport going, particularly athletics, football, rugby and F1.

Chris Beadle
Senior Account Executive

In stark contrast to his rock band roots, Chris is a man with cool, calm and collected style. When he’s not project managing, pulling together a budget or mocking Graham’s choice of colourful clothing, Chris can be found behind a drum kit, reminiscing about his glory days and wondering if he might yet perform on the Glastonbury stage.

Chris Williams
Senior Medical Writer

Chris works across a range of projects and therapy areas, with a particular interest in oncology. When not at work, Chris can usually be found looking after his pets, attempting to play football, or putting on some pyjamas and wrestling people in a sweaty room.

Dan Hami
Associate Medical Writer

For his day job, Dan immerses himself in the intricate art of medical communications while dipping his toe into voice acting. His penchant for a quiet life has encouraged his deep interests in history and gardening, but he has previously been forced into diverse activities such as skydiving, white water rafting and international peace initiatives.

Debbie Day
Medical Writer

With a background in biomedical science, Debbie works predominantly in publications, enjoying building on knowledge and experience in this area of med comms. When not at work, Debbie’s greatest passion is to spend time outdoors, camping, hiking, off-road cycling and surfing.

Diana Marouco
Senior Medical Writer

With a background in molecular biology, Diana’s main interest lies in understanding the intricacies of the different therapy areas, having worked within diabetes, obesity and fertility.  When not immersed in the world of med comms and the joys of motherhood, Diana is a keen crocheter… though her projects are frequently ruined by her two mischievous cats, Titan and Calypso.

Edwin Odoemelam
Senior Account Manager

Combining his love of science with a penchant for team organisation, Ed relishes his role at Spirit. Beyond the office, Ed pursues a passion for music and has rock star ambitions (rarely extending beyond his bedroom), though don’t ask him to make you a coffee unless you want to be climbing the walls for the rest of the day…

Elisa Glaze-Santonen
Senior Account Manager

Elisa is experienced in managing a wide variety of projects, and is in charge of day-to-day account management. She is widely known as ‘The Finn’, who relishes a good selfish cup of tea, enjoys practising yoga, and her fascination with growing an indoor jungle has earned her the nickname ‘crazy plant lady’ – indeed, any kind of greenery will produce an unusual sparkle in her eye.

Emma Burgess
Senior Account Director

Currently on maternity leave, nurturing Spirit’s next generation 👶

Emma Gallagher
Senior Account Manager

Currently on maternity leave, nurturing Spirit’s next generation 👶👶

Emma McBeath
Senior Editorial Coordinator

A Datavision guru, Emma tries to keep a smile on her face while juggling multiple publications to ensure they stay on track from beginning to end. In her spare time, Emma can be found rocking out in various mosh pits, chasing the sun or engrossed in a Liverpool game, all whilst sampling the finest beers the world has to offer.

Eve Blumson
Senior Medical Writer

Eve enjoys bringing a creative flair to her work across a number of therapy areas, including oncology, rheumatology and gastroenterology. Outside of the office, Eve can usually be found… outside! (either rock climbing, running, hiking, cycling or walking her whippet puppy, Odie).

Fiona Goodwin
Senior Medical Writer

During her time at Spirit, Fiona has been the lead writer on a variety of projects, including standalone meetings, symposia and publications. When she’s not in the office, Fiona dons her muddy wellies and gardening gloves and gets stuck in at her vegetable plot, with her trusty spaniel sidekick, Monty.

Fiona Legge
Senior Account Manager

With extensive experience working across a number of global publication plans and GMA projects, Fiona has also ensured successful delivery of numerous symposia, advisory boards, investigator meetings and standalone events. Outside of work, Fiona enjoys relaxing on holiday and spending time with her family.

Freya Pursglove
Project Assistant

Among other things, Freya makes sure our amazing team get from A to Z on their treks around the globe. When she’s not checking in with (or distracting!) her colleagues in the office, you can find her dancing in Manchester bars or curling up with a good book.

Graham Allcock
Scientific Director

Graham has accrued almost 20 years’ experience in medical communications and, all things considered, he’d rather be writing about new medicines than about himself. He has a penchant for ‘loud’ shirts, Arsenal FC, sci-fi movies and books, and the occasional game of poker.

Hannah Bassirat
Senior Account Director

In addition to helping keep all of our plates carefully spinning, Hannah supports our teams strategically and tactically to give clients the most bang for their buck. Her own plates typically contain her latest baking efforts, and she’s commonly found swimming, biking and running (in that order) to work off all that cake!

Helen Reid
Account Manager

Helen is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of all aspects of her accounts and leadership of her team. Efficient, organised and logistically minded, you’ll rarely find anything goes amiss with her; before you’ve finished your sentence, she’s probably halfway through the logistical arrangements and the quickest and/or easiest way to do it.

Iona Fleming
Managing Director

Never satisfied unless everything is the best it can possibly be, Iona is proud to be at the helm of an amazing team who share her zeal for continuous improvement. With a passion for music and dance, her guilty pleasure is her acoustic guitar – not at all befitting of a long-standing rock chick!

Jacqui Bull
Editorial Coordinator

Jacqui has been working with Datavision for nearly five years, and after her initial panic and tears (which lasted a good six months) she has come to love her job and likes nothing better than tackling a good Datavision query or compliance issue. Jacqui is a keen foreign movie viewer and Manchester United fan, and is now a keen drinker, due to the latter hobby!

Jenna Parry
Senior Account Director

Jenna works with her team to provide project and financial management excellence. She has an extensive range of client experience working across many therapeutic areas and a large range of communication activities. Jenna loves spending time with her friends and young family, and also enjoys swimming and a trip to the theatre.

Jo Jackson
Head, Client Services

A warm and natural communicator, the constant in Jo’s lengthy career in med comms is her love of teams – building them and shaping the collaborative relationships at their heart – which makes her a great fit for Head of Client Services! She also adores dance, theatre, books and walking (on the flat, ideally within sight of a cosy café!).

Jude D’Souza
Director, Creative Services

As head of the Creative team at Spirit, Jude has his fingers in numerous design-based pies, but his particular passion is presentations, hence his frequent talks and workshops on the subject. Don’t ever get him talking about cinema, US politics or anything too geeky though, or he’ll never shut up.

Kate Unsworth
Operations Director

An obsessive problem-solver with a passion for training and development, Kate honed her analytic and organisational skills in scientific research and medical writing, before finding her niche in operations. When she’s not baking, reading or doing Pilates, you can usually pique her interest with a challenging puzzle, game or quiz.

Kathleen Morrison
Senior Account Executive

Kathleen’s passion for science led to her gaining experience project-managing the initiation and conclusion of clinical studies, mainly in respiratory and diabetes, at everything from small biotechs to large pharma companies. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys trying to dodge muddy puddles while on walks with her 1-year old girl.

Kerrie O’Rourke
Senior Scientific Director

Kerrie enjoys nothing more than getting stuck into solving a good strategic challenge with her clients, especially if it involves competitor wargames. Outside of the office, she’s a keen martial artist, and when she’s not battling it out on the mats, she can be found in the kitchen, cooking up tasty dairy-free dishes.

Laura Mackey
Senior Account Manager

Laura has worked on a variety of products and accounts, ensuring the highest-quality project and financial management, always with a smile of course. Out of hours, Laura enjoys aerial hoop and silks as well as whipping up a quick cocktail – definitely not at the same time!

Laura Moore
Scientific Director

Laura’s attention to detail and ability to juggle multiple projects are very useful in her role. Unfortunately, these characteristics don’t always exhibit themselves in her personal exploits. As a keen baker, her cakes are probably more often a ‘baking fail’. To compensate for all that sugar, she is one of those weirdos you see running in the sleeting rain in the dark.

Laura Sillett
Principal Medical Editor

Grammar superheroes, pedants, glorified spellcheckers… editors have been called many things, but Laura prefers to think of her role as providing tender loving care for the written word. Once a cheerleader for the Newcastle Falcons, Laura is a trained dancer and musician, but has a more peaceful life these days murdering people without consequence (when writing psychological fiction, obviously).

Laura Ward
Principal Medical Writer

With a diverse range of therapy area experience including diabetes and immunology, natural-born problem-solver Laura loves getting her teeth into new challenges. An outdoorsy type, her latest conundrum is how to continue her massive European cycling adventures with her newest, smallest family member along for the ride!

Lindsay Uglow
Senior Medical Writer

With over a decade in med comms, Lindsay has been involved in everything from rare diseases to diagnostics, and has a particular fondness for mentoring junior staff. On the home front, her two young boys (and two old cats) keep her pretty busy, but she still manages to get her trainers on for the occasional FitBit challenge…

Lisa Barrow
Client Services Director

A med comms veteran, there isn’t much Lisa hasn’t dealt with, making her the perfect person to ensure the flawless and efficient service that leads to happy clients. A local Manchester girl, she loves the city and all that it offers (other than the weather) for the same reason she loves Spirit: “we do things differently here”.

Lizzie Wilkins
Senior Medical Writer

Lizzie is a lover of genetics and data visualisation who, when she’s not crafting her 100th PowerPoint slide, will be rushing home to practise her headstand. Often mistaken for a vegetarian due to her small stature and respect for legumes, Lizzie is also an appreciator of yoga, dumplings, furry mammals and vintage furniture.

Marc Swift
Senior Account Director

Marc has overseen a plethora of projects at Spirit and provides leadership and guidance. Those who know him well appreciate that he admires the ‘cat’ in communications and has a passion for comedy, cinema and cars – or almost anything that starts with a ‘c’.

Meghann Owens
Account Executive

Meg can often be found finalising contracting and logistical arrangements for upcoming events or jetting off to ensure everything runs smoothly on site. When Meg’s away from the office, she uses her budgeting skills to spur her Fantasy League team to glory; unfortunately, Ancelotti is some way off propelling her beloved Everton to the same dizzying heights.

Nicola Beadle
Senior Medical Writer

A Senior Medical Writer with an eye for detail to rival Sherlock Holmes himself, Nicola enjoys nothing more than scouring a document in the pursuit of grammatical errors (she wishes this was an exaggeration but it really isn’t!). Her spare time, if you can call it that, is spent bowing to the endless demands of her toddler, Thomas, and his canine sidekick Maximus.

Nicole Cash
Medical Writer

Nicole possesses a passion for learning and the creative, and is a true science geek. When not scrutinising project work to within an inch of its life, she is sending dogs after flying balls, swinging from fluffy ‘tuggies’ or covered in dog slobber at competitions with her flyball team.

Nikki Kendrick
Senior Scientific Director

As one of our most experienced Senior Scientific Directors, Nikki has worked in pharma, R&D, a number of agencies and across numerous therapy areas – a true believer that the right drug at the right time for the right patient changes lives for the better. She also believes that a day without netball is… hang on, she never has a day without netball!

Paul Barlass
Scientific Director

Paul’s favourite thing about his job is that, despite 18 years in the industry (including a stint in medical information), he still gets to learn new things daily and delve into new therapy areas. A talented baker, proud cat owner and serial cinephile, he was once an extra in the Armstrong and Miller show!

Paul Scutt
Scientific Director

Paul has broad experience providing support for both global and domestic clients, specialising in publications and oncology. After around 10 years as an academic scientist, he is correctly labelled as a science and technology nerd, and loves nothing more than to discuss monitor specifications, camera lenses and ‘types of cable’, to the excitement(?) of his colleagues.

Raman Rai
Account Executive

As someone who is passionate about delivering great service to our clients, Raman relishes being part of a dynamic med comms team. Out of hours, she can often be found fundraising for charity, running and turning her hand to makeup artistry (albeit not all at the same time – that would be disastrous!).

Rebecca Bridgewater-Gill
Principal Medical Writer

Rebecca enjoys developing engaging and creative medical education materials, and is a firm believer that a good team spirit is key to success. Rebecca loves to travel and in her spare time can usually be found experiencing the world from her own home, either cooking up an exotic feast or learning a new language.

Rebecca Cunningham
Associate Medical Writer

It wasn’t just her biochemistry background that drew Rebecca into med comms, but also her fondness for keeping busy and love of learning all manner of new things. Her off hours are usually spent discovering and playing new boardgames…though she’d struggle to pick a favourite!

Rosie Montgomery
Director, Commercial Strategy

Rosie directs, drives and oversees all aspects of Spirit’s external profile, whether that’s business development or proudly shouting about our latest nifty endeavour on social media. Her passion is music – singing, watching, dancing, or all three at once – and enthusiastic attempts to start an office conga line usually signals some good news on the commercial front!

Sara Aldred
Operations Manager

Sara keeps an eye on our business processes to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible and is always ready for her next project. A globetrotter who loves experiencing new countries and cuisine and meeting new people, her favourite place to date is New Zealand (kia ora!), with her fave experience so far being a 15 000 ft skydive!

Sarah Lambert
Medical Writer

With a background in neuroscience and healthcare advertising, Sarah has a real passion for making science accessible. Most at home wandering a gallery, she indulges her creative side at life-drawing sessions and loves nothing more than a bit of cake… something that is never in short supply at Spirit!

Sophie Walton
Principal Medical Writer

As a writer on a busy publications account, Sophie spends most of her time immersed in two of the things she loves best: science and words. When not in the office, she can usually be found playing video games, reading fantasy novels or watching YouTube videos on the sofa with her cat, Mac.

Stephen Purver
Principal Medical Writer

Stephen has worked in med comms for (gulp) over 15 years, covering therapy areas from rare interstitial lung diseases to high-profile health concerns like diabetes. Outside of work, Steve likes to run around chasing a ball, watch other people run around chasing a ball, and then sit down in front of a good film.

Terri Penfold
Medical Writer

Fascinated with how we can use our own cells to fight disease, Terri has medical writing experience in CAR T-cell therapy and gene therapy. In her spare time, Terri travels the country with friends on the hunt for the most scenic cross-country runs (swiftly followed by the best breakfast spots) in Britain.

Tony Reardon
Senior Scientific Director

Tony is one of the longest-serving members of the Spirit team, having joined the company when it was 6 months young. Aside from med comms and family, Tony’s other passion is sport. Any sport will do, although football is his main source of enjoyment… or pain, depending on the results of his favourite team!

Victoria Arwyn
Principal Medical Writer

With 25 years’ experience in scientific publishing, healthcare advertising and medical communications, Victoria has worked on a diverse range of projects and materials, fuelled by a passion for well-being. Beyond work, she loves her cat Honeybee, re-planting her garden, and learning the violin (currently sounding more like a cat’s meow than a tuneful melody… luckily a silent mode spares the neighbours!)