About us

Welcome, come on in, kick off your shoes – it’s time to find out what Spirit is all about…

Established as an independent agency in 2006 and joining the OPEN Health family in 2021, our medical communications group consists of four awesome agencies – Arc, Aura, Axis and Ascend – that give us the freedom to respond quickly to client needs, without a hint of conflict. Why those names, other than our love of alliteration? Because delivering science with soul takes something special and unique for each client programme:

Spirit is not your average medical communications group. Our human touch is the key ingredient that makes your communications resonate, providing the soul that brings your science to life. Of course, that’s not the only thing that sets us apart from the crowd.

We are insightful

Each awesome Spirit team is made up of some of the smartest people in the industry, whose keen attention to detail and understanding of treatment landscapes ensure we identify valuable insights for our clients.

We’re a naturally inquisitive bunch too, always eager to challenge the status quo. Nobody else takes more pride in their work – exceptional is our expected.

We are creative

Forget the idea that creativity merely means swish design.

As much as we love delivering beautifully packaged science, our creativity goes beyond that by mixing in emotional intelligence and a real talent for problem solving. It allows us to find that perfect balance between logic and imagination to address any client communication challenge.

Check out more about what we do below:

Our services

We are generous

We’re more than a company. We’re a family.

Everyone at Spirit is on the same page, pitching in together to support one another. Generosity is our strength, and we make the time to invest in both ourselves and our charity partners. The agility that comes with independence ensures all of our clients, large or small, get the same attention and bottomless well of energy. Our batteries never run out. We keep going until everything is the best it can be.

Our people

We are collaborative

We are masters of collaboration, with our clients, with other partners and within the industry, but our amazing teams here at Spirit are our most important collaboration of all.

We take immense pride in developing the careers (and social lives!) of our people. Together, we have the passion, and knowledge of the healthcare industry, to deliver truly exceptional results.

Join us

So, where can you find us?

Problem-solving and collaborating with our clients, partners and with each other. We’re here for you – whenever and wherever you need us. Just call. Or email. Or write a postcard if that’s your thing.

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