World Cancer Day 2022

Written by: Rosie Lobley

This year’s World Cancer Day, Friday 4 February 2022, sees the launch of a three-year campaign by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to ‘Close the Care Gap’ by identifying and combating inequality in the care and treatment of cancer.

At Spirit, cancer care and research are close to our hearts. In addition to the work we’ve done with and on behalf of clients in the cancer research space, our ever-generous team has held a number of virtual and in-person charitable events to raise awareness and funding for the care, support and treatment of patients with cancer.

Throughout 2022, we’ll be looking at aspects of cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment; from new pharmaceutical innovations to the potential benefits of digital technologies, to the impact that cancer has on patients, carers and healthcare practitioners. In accordance with the Close the Care Gap campaign, we’ll also be taking a look at existing inequities, their causes and how they can be addressed.

As our first step, and to commemorate World Cancer Day 2022, we asked members of the Spirit family how their lives had been touched by cancer. We’re grateful for their raw and honest feedback – it’s what motivates us to do better every day.