Coronavirus, cardiovascular disease and heart health on World Heart Day

Written by: Steve Purver

Today is #WorldHeartDay and with this eventful (well, that’s one word for it!) year continuing to unfold around us, we are focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on people with cardiovascular disease.

In the first of our two infographics we will share today, we explore whether people with cardiovascular disease are more at risk of Covid-19 and what they can do to manage this.

In the second of our infographics for #WorldHeartDay, we look at some of the latest treatments for people who have been hospitalised due to Covid-19.

So what is the latest thinking when it comes to drug treatments for these patients? The severe form of the illness often involves damage to multiple organs, including the heart. The best approach may involve a combination of treatments, including the three As; antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulant drugs.

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