Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Written by: Becky Cox
Coronavirus and Mental Health

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been varied and far-reaching, with many aspects of our work and personal lives uprooted by the sudden changes we’ve had to adopt in order to stay safe. During this uncertain period, mental health and the struggles associated with disruptions to our everyday lives should take centre stage. At Spirit, we’ve been reflecting on how we can help care for others, as well as ourselves, from our own homes.

Acts of Kindness

We took this year’s theme, ‘Kindness’, and ran with it, thinking about how kindness has taken on completely different meanings during the pandemic. The smallest acts of kindness really can mean the most, and with this in mind we decided to share some of the acts of kindness we’ve experienced, or we’ve done for others, whilst we’ve been in lockdown.

From book recommendations to surprise takeaways to help with client requests, acts of kindness really do come in all shapes and sizes.

Here, our team share the small acts of kindness that have meant the most to them: