Avoiding death by PowerPoint

Written by: Jude D'Souza

Tired of text-laden, content-clogged Powerpoint slides in every presentation you see? Why do we continue to make the same mistakes when the weaknesses in relying on the slides to speak to an audience are blindingly obvious?

It’s time to strip back the slides and start building in stories, writes our new Director of Creative Services, Jude D’Souza.



Find the link to read Death By Powerpoint Is A Preventable Condition here.

Our first stumbling block is that we often forget why we utilize slides in the first place. They are intended to be visual aids, to help us simplify complex topics or to reinforce key points. Yet, too often, we treat them as documents, loading all of our content into slides and expecting them to present the data and explain the key points by themselves – sometimes, the presenter may as well not be there.