About us

Well, first of all, you’ll love our team spirit.
Yes, we can hear the groans. We apologise.

We’re passionate about being part of an industry that transforms the world for the better. Yet we know that science can be hard to understand – to change lives, science needs a human touch. And that’s where we come in. Here at Spirit, solid science comes as standard, beautifully gift-wrapped in creative thinking and doing.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our combination of agility, expertise and commitment ensures clients love partnering with us (our first ever client from 2006 is still with us today!) almost as much as our teams love working together to address communication challenges.

We exceed expectations, epitomise enthusiasm and exemplify excellence (while actively appreciating alliteration). With extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, and the emotional intelligence to make the complex compelling, we seamlessly combine science, creativity and humanity to ensure innovation resonates. Watch our brand story below:

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Our services

“But what do you do?” we hear you ask.

Well, wonder no more!

We’re the passionate, energetic, agile experts who fit so seamlessly into your team it’s like we’ve always been there. We bring the expertise, personality, creativity and soul that ensure your science is really heard.

We’re experts in healthcare strategy and consultancy, meetings, medical education, publications and medical writing, providing you with a fantastic team of professionals who know the healthcare industry inside out.

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Communications with personality

We’re a team of seasoned professionals from a variety of backgrounds who tailor our approach to meet the needs of every client. Our love for what we do and passion for going that extra mile come across in every interaction. We are the people that go beyond!

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Join us

Share in our pursuit for excellence

So, what’s it like to work at Spirit? Well, let’s be honest, a business is nothing without the awesome people who drive it forward.
That’s why we invest in our people. Creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling environment means we can give our all to our clients. From flexible working to mental wellness support, we look after our own first and foremost.

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